What is the Configurator for Kodi? Setup Wizards for Kodi

The very first time I watched the Configurator for Kodi internet site, I thought for sure that it had been adware. However, after trying it I found out that the Android version of Configurator is actually quite legit.
I downloaded Configurator and tested it out on my Android phone and in my notebook. Though I was impressed by Configurator’s IP TV menu, I was finally set off by some of this usefulness’s annoying quirks.
Before you try Configurator yourself, you also ought to be aware that the free version of Configurator is very limited. After about 10 minutes of working with the utility, I had been prompted to register to Configurator for $8.99 annually. Despite the fact that my period together with Configurator had been short, I’d like the way it makes it easy to get IPTV streams.
Curious to Learn More about Configurator? Continue reading to receive the scoop with this interesting fresh Kodi tool.
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Before we Proceed

We highly advise utilizing a VPN when working with Kodi. Kodi users have been known to get copyright infringement notices for streaming pictures, sports, and shows through various addons. If you want to keep your streaming customs confidential, then our recommendation is IPVanish – a complete privacy solution for Kodi windows users. It’s also worth noting that buying a 1-2 month subscription will give you 2 weeks free.

Configurator has a brand image problem

The official Configurator website is located at http://kodiconfig.com. Need less to say, it really can use some job.
A screenshot of this Configurator residence page.

There’s almost no documentation for your own Configurator application, only a couple of paragraphs and a few download links. Additionally, the site’s blog is wholly empty. Once you see a site similar to that, you instantly start to wonder.

Not the best first impression

In addition to the shortage of material, the plan of this Configurator site itself can also be in need of a revamp. Even the Configurator site’s cartoonish fonts, spammy looking “shop” menu and improper ads scattered throughout initially led me to wonder the goals of their creators of Configurator. Also visit my website, in which you can find meijers pharmacy hours.


Configurator does seem like quite a valid tool. But when you evaluate the app solely by the expression of its website, you could easily find the wrong impression.
The developers behind Configurator put a lot of consideration into the Configurator program. Yet, they’ve not spent as much time working out the kinks within their website and background app.

The desktop edition of Configurator doesn’t seem to work at all

Regardless of what I tried, I couldn’t get the background version of Configurator to work — that I almost wrote off Configurator as useless ad ware.
For any reason, Configurator did not appear to want to play fine with my notebook computer.

As depicted at the screen shot above, the only real menu options that weren’t greyed out were exit and contact us.

Configurator for Android is actually pretty impressive

Once I tried out Configurator to get Android, I realized what the buzz round Configurator is exactly about. Individuals are probably giving Configurator high ratings on Google Play because it provides you immediate, searchable accessibility to working IPTV feeds.

Loads of IPTV channels

Below are just a few of those 400+ channels you get with Configurator: CBSN, Cricket Sports TV, Hip Hop Television, KIRO 7, Polo TV, God TV, HSN1, KTV, CBS, RTE News Now, Slam TV, Show Max, The Edge, WTVC TV, Wsbtv, PTV World, HLN, Miami TV, TVJ, HSN 2, News 12 Connecticut, News 12 Hudson Valley, News 12 (Long Island, Brookyln, New Jersey, Winchester and also Bronx), 3ABN Kids, Pa-c 1-2 (National, La, Arizona, Bay Area, Washington, Mountain and Oregon) Beautiful New Music, Juce TV… the list goes on.

Hard-to-find IPTV streams

Some of Configurator’s stations are pretty easy to find on the web. However, there are some gems in the mixture as well. If you’ve spent some time trying to find working connections on ESPN or the NFL network, you almost certainly already understand the way the stream that works today may not work tomorrow.
Every single button seemed to work, which has been fine. It’s convenient to have of the top-shelf, hard to find flows all in 1 place.
A screenshot of Configurator’s IPTV menu

Just click what you want to watch

In terms of simplicity of usage, Configurator’s IP TV menu couldn’t find much better. Simply discover the channel you want and click it. It’s that simple. You don’t even need to work about downloading or installing any video add ons. The Configurator program it self is all you could want.
Interestingly, it is still possible to play the IP TV feeds even if you don’t possess Kodi installed onto your own mobile phone. How that works is anyone’s guess. It could very well be the the Configurator program is some kind of modified edition of Kodi which comes with different integral IP TV add ons.

Impressive performance

I had been impressed with the frame rates I made when I watched IP TV on Configurator. The performance was quite fine, despite the fact that I’d opened the IPTV channels in a cafe with a mediocre internet connection.

Screenshots of Configurator in action

As mentioned above, during the summertime when I was checking out Configurator I did not run into any dead links. Every single channel I tried connected me to a feed. I was very impressed by the standard of the feeds, too.
I was able to click through several distinct stations before I hurried into the pay wall.
A Screen Shot of both Configurator’s NFL Network channel

A Screen Shot of all Configurator’s C-span channel

A Screen Shot of one of Configurator’s sports stations

A screenshot of Configurator’s Al Jazeera station

Super aggressive marketing

Something that I did not appreciate about Configurator is the fact the developers appear to get a stingy mindset. In case these were just a tad bit more generous with their app, they would probably have better luck enticing to Kodi fans.
Generally, those who decide to try to use Kodi to produce money are looked down upon at the Kodi community. But, “freemium” Kodi apps are acceptable. By way of instance, USTVNow Plus offers a paid subscription to people that desire HD feeds and more stations– plus it is still remarkably common.

Technically, Configurator is actually a freemium program. That you don’t have to pay anything to check it out. Nevertheless, the manner that Configurator cuts off you almost instantly is unquestionably a problem. I was expecting that Configurator’s trial period would last at least a couple of hours. However, after about 10 minutes of browsing I had been confronted with the cover wall.
Configurator’s strong IP TV features could make it a game changer. However, in the event the developers behind this system want to succeed they will need to tone down the competitive marketing a bit. In addition, it might be fine if they gave people a longer duration of time and energy to find out what Configurator can do.

The settings menu

The care part of Configurator’s preferences menu allows one to do some valuable things like perform a factory reset, clear cache and perform a backup. You’ve got to upgrade to Configurator Pro if you would like to do things such as correct the video buffer or restore from a backup.
The key settings menu has a section labeled installation. Inside this section are a number of different Kodi assembles. Just click on the one you wish to set up it.

The “quick setup” option grabs the very widely used build and installs it to you.
I did not get a opportunity to see how well the installation feature works, as I got faced with the pay wall earlier I could try it out. I did not see any popular builds in there such as Wookie or even Cellar Door. However, the people I did see appeared rather well come up with.

Mirror your screen with Chromecast

As well as the interesting settings features described above, Configurator also includes a Chromecast button. The button takes you to the download page for a free program called LocalCast.
LocalCast is a amazing program that simplifies the requirement to work with an intricate workaround touse Kodi with Chromecast without having to use screen mirroring style.
Display mirroring isn’t the best method to cast as it hogs system resources. Chromecast works better when it simply must process one window.
A couple weeks before, we found out about a work around to get Android phones that lets you cast Kodi (and Kodi just) for your TV. LocalCast presents a simpler alternative to this work around individuals found. All you need to do is install LocalCast and place up it to find Kodi streams.

Obviously, whoever developed the Configurator app knows a good deal about Kodi along with the issues round deploying it that most Kodi fans have experienced over recent years.

Tutorials and chat help

Configurator for Kodi includes its own own YouTube channel, that will be full of walkthroughs of various addons and assembles. The channel has only existed for around a few weeks, however it already has approximately 100 videos. Links to the videos are seen from the Configurator add on itself.
Along with this video tutorials, Configurator for Kodi also includes a chat room you may use to ask for help with Configurator if you need it. I did not decide to try the chat feature on the site, so that I can not remark on that.

Is Configurator worth it?

Configurator is really a fairly good app for Kodi beginners. But it’s not a video game changer. Or to put it differently, Configurator does not provide any material you can not readily grab yourself ForFree.
Configurator does possess potential. Specifically, its IP TV section is impressive. Nevertheless, in our opinion Configurator’s features usually do not outweigh its costs.
Kodi beginners may find Configurator of use, but they’ll quickly outgrow it. Afterall, why pay someone money to setup your IP TV links, when you can readily find some good free IPTV add ons your self?

Learn more about how to find 3rd party IPTV addons for Kodi

Wish to know where to locate totally free IP-TV feeds? If this is the case, you are in luck. Just a couple days back, we chose an comprehensive glance at some new and classic IPTV addons. Though we did come across a great deal of dead connections, we found some fantastic articles on cCloud TV, BBC iPlayer, Produced in Canada IPTV, Sylvr, Ultimate IP TV and the newly renovated Goodfellas 2.0.
If you are too lazy to hunt for the own IPTV connections, then it is reasonable pay the makers of Configurator to achieve that work with you. But upon getting the hang of installing video addons, then you’ll realize that locating your own IPTV links is pretty simple to accomplish.
For advice about how to get the IP-TV Add Ons mentioned above, check out: Most Useful IP-TV Addons for Kodi – See IPTV on Kodi 20 17

Configurator’s best feature: stable IPTV links

In case Configurator were liberated, it’d be well worth a download even when it comprised a couple of ads. Its IPTV list is very convenient. But is it worth 9 bucks? Well, maybe.
Tons of free IP-TV addons are outside there. Installing them only takes about 5 minutes. However, anybody who has experienced the frustration of cycling through a lot of different addons to locate an operating television station feed may feel enticed to register for Configurator.
Everyone else likes the fact Kodi is completely free. But, among the chief reasons people give up on Kodi may be the fact that its material sources are notoriously unstable.
Obviously, when you’re armed with the free knowledge you’ll find with this along with other Kodi blogs you really should have no trouble finding highquality complimentary addons that will permit one to find whatever you are looking for.

Bottom line

We are looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen with Configurator in the future. Configurator is still quite new.
With just a bit more work, Configurator may become a highly effective tool which allows absolute beginners the capability instantly jump into Kodi and get started using its 3rd party addons. But, its still too rough around the edges.
If you frequently use your Android mobile to see IPTV, you might want to look at Configurator. Otherwise, you almost certainly wont want it. The desktop edition of Configurator doesn’t appear to work at all. The Android edition supplies a good IP-TV experience, however it will not have some content that you can’t get someplace else for free.