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How to Watch UFC on Kodi: Best MMA/UFC Kodi App

We are happy to present you Kodi App that can you help with finding MMA content are out there. If you didnt homework, you’re going to use to wade through a lot of anothers bad quality App to detect what you’re looking for.

If you want to try an our MMA addon for Kodi, you can save many time and disappointment if you read this guide first. In it, we break down how to watch UFC Kodi stream into five App. None of the 4 listed below are perfect, but each one has something unique to offer.

Disclaimer: This guide is created to help you with access content they already have bought the rights to access, but are for whatever reason unable to access either temporarily, or constantly. does not support software piracy, and bears no responsibility for what you decide to do with the contents of this article. Furthermore, please note that in no way hosts, develops, or produces any of the software mentioned within this article. For more information, please see our full disclaimer here.


We alls ours client recommend using a VPN when you need to use Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various App. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It’s also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.


Poor quality sports App typically have:

  • Misspellings all over the place
  • Tons of dead links
  • Out-of-date content
  • Confusing menus

The best way to find very qualities Kodi MMA addon, just check out or activities creator on Twitter and other social networks. If the developer doesn’t care about supporting the addon and updating its content on a regular basis, don’t even bother using it.


After doing some research to find out how MMA fans are using Kodi to view live streams of fights, I came up with a list of 4 popular UFC/MMA Kodi App: Planet MMA (formerly UFC Finest), SportsDevil, UFC Fight Pass, and Made in Canada IPTV.


Planet MMA is my main and personal favorite MMA addon. It has an incredible amount of new and old UFC content.

Watch UFC Kodi Stream

The best thing in this UFC Kodi addon, it is great organized and intuitive menu system. Many sports App are filled with hundreds of dead links and aren’t very well laid out. Planet MMA, however, doesn’t have that problem. As you can see, its menu actually looks pretty clean.

Just choose some UFC show, that you want to watch, and just to enjoy of moment. It’s that simple. There are no dead links to click through and no ugly menus to tolerate.

All the UFC Content You Could Ever Dream of (Well, Almost)

The very good thing about Planet MMA is that it has literally hundreds of hours of up-to-date content. But unfortunately, there are no new numbered fights in the UFC catalogue.

Numbered fights (UFC 200: Tate vs Nunes, for example) are usually only accessible on pay-per-view. Some MMA App have them, but Planet MMA does not.

No Live Feeds, Either

If you want to watch live fights, maybe you want to go with one of the other App listed below.

Planet MMA’s lack of live feeds and pay-per-view games are two main downsides. But I still think Planet MMA is the best general MMA addon.

Planet ММА has the best thing, it is the massive catalogue. Every single episode of UFC Fight Night and Ultimate Fighter can be found on this addon.

Second thing that I like in Planet MMA it is creator, DetectiveKodi. DetectiveKodi is very active on Twitter. He has posted a lot of tweets about UFC Finest, which is a good sign that he’ll continue to update and maintain its catalogue.

To learn more about this addon, just check out our step-by-step installation guide / in-depth review of UFC Finest.


When it comes to streaming live MMA fights, SportsDevil is still a very viable variant for Kodi users. Like Sam mentioned in his review of SportsDevil, it really does have a funny amount of links to sports related TV streams. SportsDevil is used as a dependency for a big number of other App, meaning they utilize SportsDevil to offer up their own content.

The only issue, of course, is finding links that actually work.

ufc kodi addon

Curiously thing that SportsDevil one option called *schedule* that you can allow to see what’s currently playing on TV. It’s a great idea to have a schedule embedded in the addon, but what time zone is set to? There’s no way to know for sure.

Half of the Menu Options Are Pretty Much Useless

When you get the major menu of SportsDevil, you also to ignore Favourites, Blogs, Highlights and Live TV. The only menu options worth checking out are Live Sports and Sports TV.

More Working Links Than Most Sports App

I had done better with working stream SportsDevil than with any other Kodi addon, that i have tried to this moment, which seems to indicate that whoever created it updates the streams lists on a regular basis.

To learn more about this addon, check out our step-by-step installation guide / in-depth review of SportsDevil.


kodi mma addon

If you have a UFC Fight Pass subscription, Kodi is going to be where you can go to watch it. Alongside some of the other variants, UFC Fight Pass serves as a perfect gateway to most of the UFC content you’re looking for. In especially given UFC Fight Pass will get some exclusive content thanks to broadcasting rights, you maybe have a difficult time finding UFC matches anywhere else.

You will not detect the UFC Fight Pass addon anywhere, but if you use the Portse repository, which is accessible on Github, you will find that definitely. here:

Download the latest edition of the zip file, then locate it through your Kodi addon in Install from zip, which you can get to from going to Addons > Package Symbol (top left).


Sometimes, what it really comes down to for UFC is just detecting the right channels. That’s where Made in Canada IPTV comes in. Although this addon doesn’t specifically specify “UFC” anywhere, it does scrape the right channels to get you the content you’re looking for. Ultimately, that will be to be the main thing to making sure you don’t miss any events.

IPTV that was made in Canada, lists streams that come in at stunningly just great quality. And You will need to make sure you are up on the schedule for matches so you can tune in at the right time using Made in Canada IPTV, but as long as you know where to look, you will detect the streams there waiting for you.

To learn more about this addon, check out our step-by-step installation guide / in-depth review of Made in Canada IPTV.