Alternative for TVAddons Repo for Kodi – TVAddons Replacement

We want to introduce very famous and popular tvaddons website – and their big Fusion just COOL repository. A lot of the App that tvaddons, can collecte, including Exodus and Phoenix These recent events just left a lots of users of codi scrambling to find some great alternative to Kodi TVAddons. We have great news for all you is that tvaddons is not the only place to locate many great App. Here are also few tvaddons replacement repositories that will help you get some (but not all) of the App that you’re searching for you.

Disclaimer: This guide is have appointment to help you with access yo text they already have bought the rights to access, but if you cant get access to either temporarily, or permanently. does not support software piracy, and bears no responsibility for what you decide to do with the contents of this article. Furthermore, please note that in no way hosts, develops, or produces any of the software mentioned within this article. For more information, please see our full disclaimer here.

Before we Proceed

We always recommend for using a VPN simultaneously with using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various App. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It’s also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

Turn Off Automatic Updates Immediately

This addon-apocalypse can mean that any addon could go down at any time. If you are trying to detect new App, you might detect that the repositories are dead, Kodi TV addon repository folders are empty, or that that the individual addon links for download don’t work.

You can find out also, that your some App dont work. If that’s the case, you may not be able to resurrect some of your currently-defunct App. However, you can make an effort in preventing some of your currently working App from biting the dust, at least for a time, by turning off automatic updates.

If you want that your Kodi App to be in safe, then Turning off automatic updates will prevent the creators from being able to “kill” the addon directly. addons work by using scripts to scrape the web for content and then display that content in Kodi. Once you’ve downloaded the addon, the program will work until it gets an update in a manner that changes the code. Some developers are changing the code to effectively kill the addon, which will occur through the update process.

To turn off automatic updates, do the following:

    • From your Kodi home screen, click on the gear symbol
Alternative to Kodi TVAddons
    • Next Click on System Settings
    • Scroll down to Addons
    • Next just click on Updates, and change it to either “Never check for updates” or “Notify, but don’t install updates”

Ours advices don’t update automatically your Kodi App very long time, but you should continue to use your App in their current states.. There are a several other ways for the developers to kill App, but updating the code to make them inert is typically the most effective method to do so. This will stave off the end of usage for your addon, but it will likely eventually stop working due to the a lot of streams it pulls from going down. One thing that keeps any addon relevant is the regular updates to working stream sources. As long as your addon is not getting those updates, eventually it will be “broken”.

Alternative for TVAddons Repo for Kodi

Long time already TVAddons is very famous and very popular
also among users especially using addon library. The Fusion (later renamed Indigo) super repository had hundreds of App available for download, and offered up easy access to many smaller developer repositories as well. Now that TVAddons is unavailable, there are some good alternative super-repositories, as well as a few smaller repositories that can give you access to some of the same App found in the TV App repo.


Long time SuperRepo is main competitor for TVAddons in our country and abroad. SuperRepo has well over 2,000 Kodi App in its folders, from video App (over 1,700) to program App (over 400) to music App (nearly 200). The SuperRepo repository is also a great place to download individual developer repositories, of which there are over 400 listed in the SuperRepo folders.

SuperRepo and still working for writing at this time. If this is not the case at some point in the future, we will update this article to let you know. Alternatively, if you find that this repository goes down before we do, please let us know in the comments.

To install the SuperRepo repository, do the following:

    • From your Kodi home page, click on the gear symbol on the top left
    • Next click on File Manager
    • Select Add Source
    • Where it says, enter the following address:
    • Enter a name, such as SuperRepo
    • Next just return to your Kodi home screen
    • Hover over Addons on the left, and then click on My App at the top
  • Click on the ellipses (…) at the top
  • Next choose Install from zip
  • Locate your SuperRepo folder and click on it (should be on the first screen of Install from zip)
  • Click on your current Kodi version (such as Krypton, which is version 17)
  • Click on Repositories
  • Click on superrepo
  • Click on the superrepo zip file: (each “x” stands for a version number, which could change)
  • Next you will receive a message on the top right when the installation is complete

Next you need to check out or your SuperRepo was installed correctly in the your computer, hit Escape once, and then you need to click on Install from repository. The SuperRepo repository should be listed here, ready for you to explore.

Inside SuperRepo

After installing of SuperRepo, program will be very easy to navigate. There’s a long list of programs and services you can download, although the primary section you’ll likely be interested in is Video App.

As you can see from the image, there are over 1,700 video App listed here from a large number of independent creators. Very popular App in our country and abroad, and you can find here include:

  • cCloud TV
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Castaway
  • MaverickTV
  • Premiumize Cloud
  • Skynet

You can also find out about a many of App and just to try and play around with, making SuperRepo one of the best TVAddons replacements you’re going to detect.

Simply Caz Repo

As far as ours offers, that we want to say that the Simply Caz Repo is not so big like SuperRepo.The real draw for Simply Caz is that it has a fair number of App that have been taken down and are now unavailable in other places, such as the popular Exodus addon.

In real the Simply Caz Repo has Exodus and makes it one of nice program that you want to get. Combine that with a few other hard-to-find App, and you’ll find Simply Caz to be a really good repository to have in your arsenal.

Simply Caz has worked and running when we have done this our article. Please let us know in the comments if you find it’s not working.

To install the Simply Caz Repo, do the following:

    • From your Kodi home page, click on the gear symbol at the top left
    • Next click on File manager
    • Select Add source
    • Click where you see and enter the following address:
    • Give it a name at the bottom, such as Simple Caz, then click OK
    • Next just return to your Kodi home screen
    • Hover over Addons on the right and then click on My App on the top of the screen
    • Click on the ellipses (…) at the top
    • Click on Install from zip
    • Find your Simply Caz FTP connection and click on it
    • Click on Repository (Click Here)
    • Next click on the zip file: to install

Next you will get our a confirmation that your repository has successfully installed on the top right of the screen.

You can now hit Escape once, and find your repository by clicking on Install from repository.

Inside Simply Caz Repo

Like was indicated the Simply Caz Repo does not have a lot of App in it, but it does have some that are difficult to find now that TVAddons is down. There are over 200 App available in Simply Caz, which, again, pales in comparison to SuperRepo, but which is still a large amount.

Ares Wizard and Ares Project

The Ares Wizard can share with you a lot in common with the TVAddons Indigo tool, in that it does far more than just offering an easy way to download and install App. With help the Ares Wizard instrument, you can get this App and adjust your Kodi settings through the program. The number of App is limited here (only about 50), but the tool itself is a useful replacement for the TVAddons Indigo tool for installing App faster.

If you found that Ares is down when you came to this article, please let us know in the comments.

To install the Ares Wizard tool, do the following:

    • Click here to install the repository zip file
    • From your Kodi home screen, hover over Addons, then click on My App at the top
    • Next click on Install from zip
    • Locate where you saved your file,, and click on it

Next you will receive message about successful installation on the top right of the screen your computer. Once you’ve received the installation message, locate the Ares Project repository from your Install from repository folder.

To install the Ares Wizard tool, very simply go to your Ares Projectrepository, just click on Program App, and then choose Ares Wizard to install.

You should note that you don’t need the Ares Wizard tool to receive the App. You can get them directly from the Ares Project Video App section. However, the tool makes installing faster, as well as opens up the option for other features, such as maintenance tools.

Click here for access our thorough review of the Ares Wizard tool.

Official Kodi Addon Repository

The Official Kodi addon repository is a very great place for any App that are officially approved by the XBMC Foundation. There’s no particular installation process needed here. You can find out there about official repo by going to your Install from repository folder using the same instructions from the other install guides above.

The official repo is very great place to check out some of the first-party App. That can include the Crunchyroll and Funimation App, both of which have excellent quality. Funimation, in particular, appears to have put some good work into their Kodi addon.

Why Do I Need a TVAddons Replacement?

There are many different names for what has happened amongst the Kodi community in the past week. Kodipocalypse, for example, might be a fitting name. Regardless of what you call it, a lot of App, repositories, and addon developers are shutting down in response to a recent lawsuit filed against the developer of ZemTV and against TVAddons.

TorrentFreak has recently published news about the lawsuit, which also suddenly appeared to be news to the team at TVAddons, who has not known about the lawsuit when contacted for comments by TorrentFreak. TVAddons quickly took down its repository, but the site remained active for several days afterward until that too went down.

Recently In the forums of TVAddons, several representatives for the site responded to comments about problems with App from the repository just by explaining that their servers were having problem, but that they would soon come back up. Before the entire site went down, some have reported that TVAddons reps mentioned the site undergoing some server changes.

But although TVAddons has been quiet on whether or not their repository and their site disappearing is directly related to the lawsuit, the current belief in the community is that they have done, in fact, shut their doors as a response.

The fallout of this has been that individuals trying to install App that were only accessible through TVAddons were met with error messages. Although news of the shutdown for both the TVAddons repo and the site have been for few days, a lot of newcomers who do not regularly hold abreast of the community are still discovering the problem, and doing inquiring posts on Kodi communities like as /r/Addons4Kodi.

The fallout has struck the developer community especially difficult. A lot of famous and popular addon developers decided to get their App offline as well as a self-protective measure. If you are finding some App simply won’t install, or App that you once used are now showing up empty or sending error messages, it is likely that the addon developer has taken that addon or their individual repository down.

Will TVAddons Come Back?

Although the TVAddons team has declared they will come back, the community is waiting for to see what will happen. There is no current word on a timeframe for the TVAddons to return, if at all. Until then, we can suggest you utilize the /r/Addons4Kodi forum, which is typically one of the best sources for news on problem occurring with Kodi. We also recommend keeping up with TorrentFreak, which has a solid ear to the ground on Kodi-related topics and is very often the first to break the news on major Kodi developments.