Top 10 Places To Visit in Berlin

Berlin is one of Europe’s oldest and most historic cities. It has seen more history in the past century alone than many others worldwide have in their lifetime. And while its history has been challenging, the city has persevered and become a major capital for not only 3.5 million people, but also art. There are innumerable reasons to come to this city, but here are the main top 10 places to visit when traveling to Berlin.
10) Brandenburg Gate

berlin 1 Top 10 Places To Visit in Berlin

The Brandenburg gate is the only remaining gate that represented the division between East and West Berlin. The gate’s design is based on Propylaea, which was the gate to Acropolis, where the Greeks built magnificent temples. During Napoleon’s occupation of Berlin, he ordered the chariot on top of the gate be taken to Paris. After he was defeated, the chariot was taken back to Berlin. As a taunting display of victory, the plaza in front of the gate was renamed Paris square, the Goddess driving the chariot was named Victoria (Goddess of victory), and her head was changed to be looking at the French embassy. This was to signify, literally, victory over Paris.

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