Top 10 Insanely Advanced Pieces Of Nazi Wartime Equipment

Here at TopTenz, we have a strict no-swearing policy, which is why if you wish to learn our actual opinion of the Nazis, you’d have to piece together a bunch of NWA songs. For people unwilling to do that, we don’t like them very much.

That said, the Nazis did give the world some of its most hilariously badass and awesome inventions of war. Since they basically gave scientists free reign to do whatever they wanted in the name of invent new ways to kill people, we’ve been blessed with things like …

10. The Landkreuzer P 1500 Monster

nazi 1 Top 10 Insanely Advanced Pieces Of Nazi Wartime Equipment

The Landkreuzer P 1500 is, without a doubt, one of the largest man-made vehicles ever proposed. With a proposed length of 150 feet, this mobile artillery barrage would have been able to reduce, well anything, to a smear on the map of history.

It’s the mobile part you should be amazed at though since this thing, if built, would have been fully capable of movement, despite the fact it literally fired shells as big as tanks. That’s right, the Nazis actually tried to build an artillery gun that fired tanks. Shockingly, it went nowhere, which is often the case when you design something based entirely on what an 8-year-old boy would find “awesome.”

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