Best Live TV App for Kodi 2017 – Watch Live TV on Kodi

Can you imagine the feelings of new Kodi users when they realize all possibilities that Kodi app gives. Streaming video online is becoming more and more popular, it takes up to 70% of the whole traffic during peak hours. Such popular services as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and others are not what we are looking for. In this guide you will find out how to install live TV on your Kodi, so you can watch your favorite programs online whenever you want in a simple way. There are a lot of various streaming addons on Kodi, we have chosen the most reliable and comfortable in day to day use.

Disclaimer: This guide is created in order to help users to find content they have already purchased, however, due to this or that reason they are unable to access permanently or temporary due to some reasons. Our company doesn’t hosts, develops, produces any software mentioned in this article. For more, read our full disclaimer here.

Before we Proceed

The best way to watch live tv on kodi is to use VPN connection. kodi users receive copyright infringement notices from time to time for streaming tv shows, movies, sports and through different app. For those who want to save privacy in streaming habits, our tip is the simplest solution for kodi users.

Looking for a Kodi Alternative? Try Sling TV

A lot of kodi apps still represent themselves in grey legal position, sling tv offers a totally different live tv streaming providing with all necessary rights. Sling tv’s offers up quick and easy access to dozens of popular channels, like amc, HGtv, ESPN, fox sports and more, for a low cost. Given sling tv is an online streaming service, you can watch almost anywhere and with almost any device, including the amazon fire tv or tv stick. additionally, sling tv is a safer option, without the added privacy and security risks that can sometimes come with kodi app.

Best Kodi Live TV Addon

It is not a complete list of the best Kodi addons for live TV, still here you can find all necessary for using kodi to stream live tv.

USTVNow Plus

Best Kodi Live TV Addon

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Ustvnow also gives you a chance to watch live tv on kodi by granting you with an access to dozens of U.S. cable networks. Follow these simple steps to get ustvnow on your kodi. ustvnow offers 7 basic network channels for the free version (abc, CBS, CW, fox, nbc, PBS and My tv). cable channels can be acquired for a cost of around $24.00 a month. The paid subscription includes all of the major cable channels such as history, SyFy, cnn, fox news, and others, as well as a select few movie channels. The benefit of ustvnow is the freedom to avoid worrying about whether you’re receiving live streaming illegally. ustvnow follows all laws regarding streaming rights.

U.S. tv Now requires creating an account on their website. The account is free, but you will need to do it in order to access it. Go to their sign up page to create an account. The initial account gives you all access, but will eventually limit you to only 7 channels. The full 29 channel access is available with a subscription fee.

Goodfellas 2.0

best kodi addons for live tv

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It is a fresh version of a kodi addon is really popular within the whole kodi community. goodfellas 2.0 is going to be one of your best options for viewing live tv as this addon scrapes a large number of streams for all of the popular channels and a bunch of channels and options you may not have even considered. This addon even scrapes publicly available web cams streaming content from across the globe — and even space, if you’re into watching the international Space Station live streams. goodfellas 2.0 also includes some tv shows and movies on-demand, with content borrowed from popular sources like Specto. The stream quality is invariably good, although streams can go down at times. Still, this is one of the best options around, and you’re not going to want to ignore the potential that you’ll find with this one.

BBC iPlayer (iPlayer WWW)

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The BBC iPlayer addon (WWW iPlayer) gives you a chance to enjoy most of the BBC’s live tv streaming channels as well as other content supplied on demand. This player works well, and the BBC casts their content in very high quality. You’ll find that accessing the content through here is easy, and as the content comes through the official BBC website, streams are rarely down or have buffering issues. there are some stipulations, however. If you are a British resident, you will need a tv License. Those who live outside of the UK are restricted from accessing this content, and will need to use a VPN.

Quantum (Formerly Sanctuary)

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Quantum is more than just a usual addon. Instead, the addon contains content for a big number of other different apps. If you’re looking for the popular Oblivion addon, you won’t find it anywhere but here now. The original Oblivion addon can still be installed, but you will find that the plugin no longer works as a standalone addon. Quantum has a special section just for live tv, which includes the live tv streams for Oblivion iptv, as well as a handful of others, to include BAMF iptv, Pyramid live, Ultra live, fido live, freeView (VPN required outside of UK), Lily sports live and Supremacy live. Each of these has different live streams to offer, although there are some noticeable crossovers, especially in regard to US and UK channels.


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Castaway has chnged its purpose but despite the fact it is no longer working, it still hosts links to live tv streams. You can find these under the “live tv” section of the addon, where you’ll see a long list of different websites that stream live content. You’ll find varying success with these websites. Please note that Castaway is no longer being supported by its developer, so many of the streaming options may no longer work.

cCloud TV

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cCloud tv is one you just cannot miss to install from the live tv app market. This addon includes a large number of options housed under one addon, with thousands of channels listed. You’ll find most every US and UK channel here, but also a significant number of international channels as well. cCloud tv is easy to use with a great interface that makes it easy to navigate as well. stream quality can be spotty, but that’s more an issue with the stream source and not ccloud tv.


Click here to access our SportsDevil installation guide.

This addon is made for sports lovers, but here you will find also a “live tv” department that is actually the same to what you’ll see in the Castaway addon. there are a number of sites listed here that stream live tv, including shadownet.ro as well as some other services that work well. You will have to sift through these to see what’s there, as there are hundreds of options available when you combine the lists together, but we do suggest shadownet.ro for most live tv needs.

Made in Canada IPTV

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The Made in canada iptv kodi addon works in other locations as well, so do not be confused with its name.. Yes, this addon is available for lots of canadian tv content. No, it doesn’t only offer canadian tv. In fact, if you’re looking for high-quality streams for both US and british tv, you’ll likely find some good use out of the Made in canada iptv addon. one of the great things about this addon is how well organized it is, even with the very focused offering. Each country-specific section has a list of channels, while MiC also has a section specifically for sports content.

FilmOn Simple

The FilmOn Simple is a special plugin for the kodi. This addon throws dozens of streams from very unique regions. Asian and African live tv options are available in this addon, as well as a large number of European channels that are not common among most of the other live tv app. You’ll also find a large number of sections that focus specifically on different genres of interest, such as Science and Technology, Travel, Shopping, Lifestyle and Education.

Installing FilmOnSimple requires only 3 steps:

    • Open a new tab and paste the following link to download the following zip file: https://github.com/kodil/kodil/blob/master/repo/plugin.video.filmon.simple/plugin.video.filmon.simple-0.1.7.zip
    • From your home screen, go to addons
    • Click on the Package symbol on the top left
    • Click on Install from zip
    • Locate the above zip file in your downloaded files location. Click to install
  • You will get a successful installation message on the top right of your screen. Afterward, you can find the addon among the other Video App

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is the best solution for those who are looking for all kinds of live tv options. This addon covers the gamut from sports to regular casual entertainment. You’ll also find that the menu is well organized and, perhaps the best part, the streams load very quickly and very reliably. This one hasn’t quite taken off and is not extremely well known, but will likely start getting more attention soon.

To install Rising Tides, do the following:

    • From your Kodi home screen, go to System Settings (gear symbol, top left)
    • Click on File manager
    • Click on Add source
    • Click on and enter the following address exactly: https://mullafabs.comli.com/Plugins
    • Name it Rising Tides and click OK
    • Return to your Kodi home screen and click on Addons
    • Click on the Package symbol (top left)
    • Click on Install from zip
    • Find your Rising Tides link, and click on it
  • Select plugin.video.Rising.Tides.zip to install the addon. You can now find it with your Video App

Note that there is a separate folder with the same name, excluding the “zip” file path. You can choose to ignore that and only click on the one with the “zip” file path.

Project M

Project M is something we can call work in progress. We have found live streams, but we can only stream the audio from them, no video. This addon also has a few interesting sections, including a movies section. The primary reason you might go here, however, is for its live sports options. there’s a “World tv” section in the addon that is currently empty (as of 6/23/2017), and simply says “coming soon.” The sports tv section, however, has over 70 options listed. You’ll also find (oddly) a section just for Nordic tv. The Nordic tv option opens Darkzide iptv option, which we found didn’t work. If you’re into live sports tv but only in audio format, this is a good option. At the very least, it’s one to watch for future updates.


If you have installed the Project M addon previously, this installation won’t take too much time, as Falcon is located in the Merlin repository. Falcon was one of our favorite new finds. This addon has a large number of live tv streams available, in high quality and with very fast load times. We found that there’s also a Falcon sports addon, separate from this one, but that simply lists the sports streams available in Falcon. Your best option is just to download the Falcon addon and get your sports streams from there.

As far as its offerings, Falcon TV rivals cCloud TV, both in quality of the streams and in how many options you have here. This is a good one to install and explore.

To install Falcon on Kodi, do the following (if you need images, check the Project M installation above):

  • From your Kodi home screen, go to System Settings (gear symbol, top left)
  • Click on File manager
  • Click on Add source
  • Click on and enter the following address exactly: https://mwiz.co.uk/repo
  • Name it Mr Wiz and click OK
  • Return to your Kodi home screen and click on Addons
  • Click on the Package symbol (top left)
  • Click on Install from zip
  • Find your Mr Wiz link, and click on it
  • Select the repository.merlin.zip file to install the Merlin Repository
  • Return to the screen with Install from zip, and then click on Install from repository
  • Locate and click on the Merlin Repository
  • Click on Video App
  • Click on Falcon and then click Install


There are a lot of reasons for taking and accessing Kodi and using it like a cable tv. Sports continues to be one of the most popular go-to reasons, while popular s how s like amc ’s The walk ing dead attract a f air number of users to different kodi app .

Legal issues

You shouldn’t worry about the legal aspect when you download the all app you use to access live tv. In the case with the BBC iPlayer, if you are not a UK resident you cannot legally utilize the addon. While the BBC requires you to have a valid tv license, on its website, it does not actually do much to verify that you have one. Instead, it flashes a message asking if you have a tv license, to which you either agree or disagree. Many viewers have been using VPNs to access the BBC’s content for free as a result.

Additionally, there are some loopholes existing in recent updates to the tv, so notes the British news website Mirror. License purchase requirements, meaning individuals using battery-powered devices may be able to access the iPlayer for free without having to worry about incurring a fine. additionally, the BBC attempted to crackdown on VPN use to access its content, with little success.

Other TV streams may be out of law, so you have higher risks to get in troubles. This is particularly the case where the streamed channels are not coming from free, over-the-air networks. cable channels that typically require a paid subscription to access may not be legal to view through a streaming addon. Many users turn to VPNs to mask their identities in this case, although DMCA notifications from ISPs related to streaming live tv content is not common.

Some users are confident that finding an access for streaming is complicated and that may be a sad truth. For example, while researching our recent piece on how to watch Superbowl 51 on Kodi we discovered that working streams to all local fox affiliates were completely non-functional. As fox had exclusive writes to show the SuperBowl this year, it appears that they moved quickly to shut down any online live streams of their networks and affiliates in the run up to the SuperBowl. We know this to be true as we tested those links and found them working only months earlier when we wrote about app that provide access to regular season NFL games.


In case you find that most of streams are not available onaddon, you may try to check the last update of the database. All app work by pulling streams from different websites. At times, those sites that pull these streams go down. Many addon developers regularly update their addon to pull from different websites. Regularly updated app are less likely to experience this issue.

Older version of the app that requires updates is likely to have serious issues with dead links. Most apps are listed on the website GitHub, where you can find their changelogs and see when they’ve been last updated.

Some links become dead and not supported on live tv stream because of owners cutting off access to third parties streaming the content. This was the case with over-the-air fox network options and is also the case with major networks. Sometimes it takes a bit of diligence to find working streams. for this reason, we recommend installing more than one addon.