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How to Install Kodi on Apple TV – Setup Apple TV on Kodi

Apple TV is currently in its 4th generation. App developers and tinkerers have always found interesting ways to use their Apple devices. That includes finding workarounds to install the ever-popular Kodi multi-media platform onto those devices. Apple TV does not work exactly the same way as your iPad, iPhone or Mac computer, but you can still install Kodi on Apple TV using somewhat similar methods.

In this article we will tell you about how to install Kodi on Apple TV, and right now Apple TV is on the 4th level of generation. We can say definitely that creators and tinkerers of Apple always look for new ways for improving of using of their devices. That includes quick searching of ways installation very famous and popular Kodi multi-media platform onto those devices. Usually Apple TV doesn’t work the same like iPad, iPhone or Mac computer, but we know like install Kodi quicker on Apple TV and we will tell you that below.

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The three methods we’ve listed below may require that you have some, but not all, of the following:

We have 2 very good special ways that you can use to get Kodi onto your Apple TV. We’ve focused primarily on Apple TV 4, as this is the latest version of Apple TV and has been on the market for just around 2 years. However, you may detect some luck using these methods for older versions of Apple TV as well. That said, we can’t guarantee that these methods will work for any Apple TV versions beyond Apple TV 4.

The easier method wants that you use Kodi on Apple TV, and second method wants that you have a jailbroken device to install Kodi on Apple TV. We do not explain how to jailbreak your device here. However, you can detect an great video walk through on how to jailbreak your Apple TV from the great crew over at 9 to 5Mac.

One of the two method has require that you utilize NitoTV, an unofficial app store of sorts for jailbroken AppleTVs. You can detect a helpful NitoTV installation guide over at APPLE LIVES.

Attention: If some case you are deputy of our country, you shouldn’t jailbreak for your Apple TV. The law on this is vague. We explain why in more detail at the bottom of this guide.


1 Before we Proceed

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2 How to Install Kodi on Apple TV: Jailbroken Apple TVs

Please click here to detect a detailed guide on how to jailbreak your Apple TV.

After that like you will have jailbroken in your Apple TV, you will need to install nitoTV. Please Click here for a guide on this installation process.

With your jailbroken Apple TV and nitoTV installed, do the following:

  • Launch nitoTV from your AppleTV
  • Click on Settings at the top
  • Choose Block Update
  • Return to Featured Packages, located at the top
  • Choose Kodi-TVOS
  • Choose Install (you may need to do this twice). Avoid clicking anything during the installation process
  • Upon completion, you need to see “Success, respring required!” Click on Respring to reboot your device and finish the installation process.
  • Kodi should not appear on the home screen of your Apple TV 4

3How to Install Kodi on Apple TV: Install Kodi on Apple TV Without Jailbreaking

So, next process can give you able  to sideload Kodi on your Apple TV. When you sideload an application, you install it using an external device or service. This method requires you to have an Apple Developer ID, which can be acquired for free, with limitations. If you have a free ID, your Kodi installation on Apple TV will expire in 7 days, at which point you will have to repeat the process.

In order to follow this method, you will need the following:

  • iOS App Signer, a Mac OS application that lets you bundle and resign apps into iOS installation packages.
  • A Mac computer or laptop running Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
  • Xcode 7, a Mac program that allows anyone to create applications for free. You will need an Apple ID in order to sign in to the website and download the file.
  • A stable build of Kodi for iOS (.deb file).


3.1 Method 1: Sideloading with Xcode and iOS App Signer

To use Xcode and iOS App Signer, do the following:

  • Plug your Apple TV into your Mac computer
  • Start a new tvOS > Application project in Xcode
how to install kodi on apple tv

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  • Type in KodiAppleTV as the project name and create a unique identifier. Also, create a unique bundle identifier that uses the project name.

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  • Xcode can provide a warning about not having a provisioning file. If this occurs, click Fix Issue

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  • You may need to sign into or create a free creators account

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  • After signing in, choose your development team

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  • Please Open iOS App Signer. Pick a Signing Certificate and a Provisioning Profile. Click Start, and then shoose an Output Location. Make sure to also choose your download Kodi .deb as your Input File

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  • Return to Xcode. In Xcode, choose the Window menu and then click on Devices

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  • Plese detect your connected devices, and then choose your Apple TV. Next choose the plus button at the bottom and then choose the file you just generated to install it on your Apple TV

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3.2 Method 2: Sideloading using Cydia Impactor on Windows

  • Right click on your Kodi iOS .deb file
  • Click on 7-Zip
  • Click on Extract files

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  • Click on OK in the next window
  • This will create a new folder. In that folder, you will detect a data.tar file
  • Right-click the data.tar file, choose 7-Zip, and choose Extract files
  • You will now see a data folder and the data.tar file in the extracted folder

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  • Inside the data folder choose Applications
  • In Applications, detect the folder

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  • Please create a new folder in Applications. Name it Payload, with a capital “P”

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  • Drag the folder into the Payload folder. This creates a copy of it into the Payload folder

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  • Right-click the Payload folder and choose 7-Zip. Then, click on Add to archive

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  • You will now see a new window. Check to make sure the Archive format is set to “zip”. Name the archive Kodi.ipa. Click OK. This will create your required installation file

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  • Connect your Apple TV to your computer. Close iTunes if it opens automatically
  • Extract the downloaded Cydia Impactor zip file and then open Impactor.exeDo not open the Impactor as Administrator

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  • Your Apple TV should be found by Cydia Impactor
  • Drag and drop the Kodi.ipa file you created into Cydia Impactor

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  • Cydia Impactor will ask for a valid Apple ID. Enter your ID here
  • Check your Apple TV to provide the Kodi icon appears after the installation is complete

4 Is Jailbreaking My Apple TV Legal?

If talk about on this topic, things are just a little bit tricky then in really. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, more popularly known as DMCA, originally banned modifying devices such as cellphones, tablets and other multi-media devices. This included modifications that fall under the term “jailbreak”. In 2012, the U.S. government granted an exemption to mobile devices, while in 2015, that exemption was expanded to also include tablets. However, there is currently no wording that explains whether or not the Apple TV device actually fits under the current definition of “tablet” or “mobile device”.

You should know that there is a distinction between “jailbreaking” and “unlocking”. While both involve changing functions of your device, these two are not interchangeable devices. Jailbreaking your device involves altering the device’s operating system so that you can download and install unofficial applications onto the device as well as make other modifications. Most operating systems, particularly Apple operating systems, have an official app store. Apple more than any other OS creators locks down their devices to prevent any changes. Jailbreaking allows you to install apps you won’t detect on the app sore.

Unlocking a device, it is what you do to give for using with other mobile operators. As AppleTV has no mobile connectivity, this is not going to be a concern of a process you will need.

The main problem with jailbreaking in your Apple TV is that, you will need to be canceling of the guarantee. For all other mobile devices such as phones and tablets, this is now perfectly legal to do. Because the DMCA exemptions do not mention devices like Apple TV, there is currently a little bit of a legal gray area regarding whether this special jailbreak is legal. Is the Apple TV a “mobile device”?

DMCA officially was declared, that is good chance of case on jailbreaking in your Apple TV, it can be enough illegal. On page 36 of DMCA 2015 exemption, lawmakers stated:


In the present kind of Apple TV probably falls within the definition of a device “primarily for consumption of a specific type of media”. In this case, that specific type of media is television and films.

So,  in general we want to repeat that we don’t recommend to use the jailbreak method for installing of Kodi on Apple TV if you live in the U.S.A. The law is currently vague on whether doing so is legal or not. The other method will not install Apple TV permanently, but it will give for a legal installation. The U.S. government updates the DMCA every 3 years, so it’s likely that Apple TV and other TV viewing devices, such as ChromecastRoku or Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV Box.

5 Why is the Kodi Installation Process So Difficult?

We understand that this process can be very intricate. However, the problem lies solely in how difficult Apple makes installing unofficial apps onto their operating systems. Apple TV devices, in particular, have no App Store access. Therefore, even under normal conditions, you can’t install any apps on an Apple TV. Still, all of Apple’s devices are fairly restrictive in what apps you can install. This is due to Apple’s rather strict language in their Terms and Conditions for developers who want to have their apps listed on the Apple iTunes App Store.

Apple, on the whole, also has a negative association with open source applications such as Kodi. For the most part, applications operating under a General Purpose License (GPL), otherwise known as open-source applications, use code that is freely accessible. Apple’s Terms and Conditions for its app store disallows non-unique programs to be loaded onto the store, e.g., applications that share a source code. This, in essence, makes programs like Kodi in opposition to Apple’s ToC for its App Store apps.

Actually installing Kodi on Apple TV is really hard, and it is actually a little bit more complicated than you will detect with many other Apple devices as well. Nevertheless, installing Kodi on all Apple devices is far more hard than on an Android TV box.