How to Get American Netflix in Australia

Last year, the Australian government passed new internet legislation that had its residents registering to VPN accounts in droves. In 2017, more  unnerving new laws entered the pipeline..
VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) provide online surfers with bulletproof solitude, which is that the main reasons why more and more Australians are enrolling up. But, it’s important to see not all of VPNs are precisely the same. As an example, some are faster than others. Also, some can be employed to “geo-dodge” (aka “geo-hop”) into the American variant of Netflix.
Continue reading to determine which Australian VPN companies are the complete most useful ones to get geo-dodging your way to the full Netflix catalogue.


How to Get American Netflix in Australia – A Video Guide

Before we get down to business, you might want to consider following and the accompanying video direct to this specific article below. Whatever you want to know in this article, compressed into under five minutes!

Why is Netflix blocking Australian VPN users?

The reason behind the Netflix VPN block boils down to cash.
Every time a new series or movie comes out, studios shop it around and attempt to offer broadcast licenses to as many unique media outlets as possible. Various broadcasters sign different prices, which is the reason why new movies and shows are usually released on various days in various parts of earth.
For example, United States film theaters will begin playing the newest Wolverine movie Logan on March 3rd. Germans, however, get to watch it on day previously March 2nd.
Spacious, international streaming services like Netflix create it harder to market content licenses. If anybody in just about any part of the whole world can access a show or picture via Netflix, making it less valuable in the eyes of worldwide broadcasters.
The Netflix block keeps the older business model alive, which then empowers content providers to keep making lucrative deals.

How is Netflix blocking Australian VPN users?

The Netflix geo-block is basically a simple IP address filter.
A pc’s internet protocol address acts like a mailing address. You can’t receive postcards in the event that you don’t have a speech. The exact same principle applies to IP addresses. There’s no method that servers may send or receive data.
When you sign into a VPN server, then it appears like you are logged in by wherever your VPN server is located. This is exactly why if you login to a American VPN, you are able to fool Netflix AUS in to thinking that you’re locate in the USA.
To prevent international VPN users from getting to American Netflix, Netflix compiled a long list of all ipaddresses associate different popular VPN servers. If your VPN service’s servers are among the, you may not be able to make the journey at American Netflix.
Fortunately, IP addresses are not tough to change. Some VPN providers frequently alter their VPN host IP addresses in order to make sure they are harder to block.

4 of the best VPN services for accessing Netflix

The most responsive “in the globe” VPN businesses develop workarounds once a new Netflix block comes out. The others, however, aren’t quite as quick on the draw.
Out of all the VPN providers we looked at, StrongVPN the best set of features for Netflix subscribers.
But, these 3 were also quite good:

  • Buffered
  • NordVPN
  • PrivateInternetAccess

What’s so great about StrongVPN?

Listed below are 7 reasons why we believe StrongVPN Is a bit better than Buffered, Nord and Private internet access for obtaining Netflix:

  1. More US-based servers. It’s simple for Netflix to obstruct a VPN service which merely has one American VPN. Nonetheless, it is really a good deal harder to allow them to block VPN services which have multiple servers located in the USA. StrongVPN has 14 American servers, which is more than just what one other 3 services had to offer.
  2. Configurable ports. VPN services that depend on vent 1194 wont work at all with Netflix. 1194 is actually a very common VPN port– that’s why Netflix has blocked it. Using StrongVPN, you are able to opt to utilize a assortment of different ports to communicate using its VPN servers.
  3. Obfuscation tech. StrongVPN uses port promotion and other advanced level data concealment solutions to help their users place low and go unnoticed on the web.
  4. “Scramble” mode. StrongVPN includes a exceptional feature called “Scramble” that adds an extra layer of sophistication.
  5. Hardly ever goes down. StrongVPN always reacts quickly to Netflix policy updates.
  6. Literally impenetrable. Out of all the VPN services that we’ve tried out and tested, StrongVPN is by far the very secure. Many VPN services offer you 256-bit security, however with StrongVPN it’s possible to lock off your experience of 2048-bit encryption.
  7. Subscribers get free access to StrongDNS. If you wish to update where you are without needing encryption, then you can turn off StrongVPN and log on into StrongDNS.


StrongVPN’s encryption is so very powerful. However, all that encryption will take a little toll on your internet connection speed. Be ready to wait a few added moments for the Netflix movies to buffer when you get American Netflix with StrongVPN.

Protect your privacy

In the event that you don’t care about anonymity, you ought to. Even in the event that you follow all of the rules whenever you get online, you will find many bad things that sometimes happens if you don’t guard your own data.

Identity theft

In case you provide an expert your name and current email address, there is a big likelihood that they’re going to be able to pull sensitive sensitive information in only a couple hours. Web sites may gather an huge amount of data in the event that you’re not attentive. A VPN will not fix everything immediately, however it is going to keep even more information from making its way to people world.

Online harassment and cyber-stalking

On the web harassment can impact your own professional life in any moment. 1 out of 12 females will undergo some form of cyberstalking within their lives, according to a report from Harvard University. VPN security may play a big role in assisting you to guard your self from anonymous threats and bullying.

Additional StrongVPN benefits

Access All American Netflix Content
Get past Netflix geographic content blocks while still maintaining high download speeds.
Multi-Device Support
StrongVPN contains programs for your android package, computer and cellular apparatus.
Complete Privacy
Nobody (including your ISP) is able to see exactly what you are watching. End to end encryption.
5-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Test drive out it! See the difference or get your money back.

How to Watch American Netflix in Australia With StrongVPN

Step #1: Sign up for a StrongVPN account.  

The whole StrongVPN setup process only takes about five minutes. The first thing you have to do is sign up to a free account.
Tip: Should you subscribe to your 12 year program, you can reel in a enormous discount.

Step #2: Get your initial password

After subscribe, StrongVPN will automatically mail you a log in name and password.
Tip: After you login for the first time, then you may change your password to something more memorable via the “My Account” menu.

Step #3: Download and install the StrongVPN software

Once you are in, you will see a screen that looks something such as the one portrayed below. Click the section labeled “StrongVPN Client” to visit the download page.

Once you decide on the proper operating platform, then a window will popup which will allow one to select a download place. Once download is complete, open the app and follow the wizard’s instructions to finish the setup process.

Step #4: Open the StrongVPN client and login

The very first time you open StrongVPN, you’ll need to key in (or copy-and-paste in) your log in info and password. Needless to say, if you choose allowing StrongVPN to store your valuable credentials, then another time you open StrongVPN you’ll find a way to login with a single click.

StrongVPN’s server selection menu

Step #5: Select any United States server from the server list

The CheckFlix script is always checking to determine whether the following to StrongVPN servers Can get into American Netflix:

  1. The LosAngeles established StrongVPN server named str-lax302
  2. The New York City based StrongVPN server called str-jfk303

If you notice any slow downs when using the those, go right ahead and decide to try your luck with a few of the other American VPN servers.
When you are in, you should find an American flag icon in the left hand component of the screen.

Step #6: Turn on “Scramble” mode

Head into the “Advanced” tab and pick the “Scramble” menu. Then, choose the “Obfuscate” option from this list. This will keep Netflix’s servers out of detecting you are logging into via a VPN.

Australian professor David Glance on the recent Netflix block

After Netflix implemented their contentious VPN ban, thousands of people stopped their subscriptions and the Netflix stock plummeted. Thus, what gives? Are individuals at Netflix dumb, just plain greedy – or even?
David Glance– the University of Western Australia’s Director of the Centre for Software Practice – has a concept that material suppliers are putting peer pressure on Netflix.


Dr. Glance believes that the Netflix crack down will find yourself being counterproductive. He shows that if the Netflix blockade continues, its Australian user base will simply cancel their accounts and use illegal torrent websites to down load the shows and movies they would like to watch.
And when Australia’s ex-Netflix-subscribers-turned-Pirates utilize VPNs while they torrent, there will be no method for content providers to track them down.