Best Korean Kodi App – How to Watch Korean Movies and TV Shows on Kodi

Are you eager to figure out where to watch Korean drama online as well as TV shows on Kodi?  Well, if so, you’re not alone.  Korea turns to be a relatively small country, however, its cultural impact is enormous.  With the ascend of K-pop in the 90s and the resulting “Korean wave,” which spread Korean culture around Asia, hit Korean dramas including Sweet Stranger and Me and also Descendants of the Sun have racked up millions of worldwide fans.

If you’ve got Kodi, there are a lot of add-ons, which will assist you to spot the latest episode of your favorite Korean TV show and  the most popular Korean movies.  Links to Korean content can be found on international TV/movie App like DramafeverDramanice, Kissasian, Azdrama DramaGo.  

I’ve recently tested out a handful of Korean TV/movie add-ons just to see which one features the most reliable links as well as the best selection of content.  Though each addon I looked at had something good to offer, in the end I felt that DramaGo was the overall best choice.

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1 Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various App. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It’s also worth mentioning that buying a 12 month subscription will grant you with two months free.

2 Dramanice has 720p feeds, but isn’t very organized

The best thing about Dramanice is that sometimes you are able to find HD video feeds in its catalogue.  For example, I was able to find a live 720p link to an episode of the smash hit Korean dramaseries The K2.

where to watch korean drama movie online
Watch Korean movie

Another thing that I really liked about this addon is that that a large percentage of its links work.  I randomly clicked a couple of episodes of several different series and all the streams turned out to be online.

Just like most streaming Asian content that you can discover   online, the vast majority of the Korean dramas that you’ll find on this addon come with English subtitles, which can’t be turned off.

With this addon, you only get TV shows.  For movies, you’ll need to look elsewhere.  Also, Dramanice’s menu is extremely basic.  Other App boast detailed menus with lots of subfolders, however, with Dramanice you only receive 6: search, my favorites,  most popular, newly-added, popular episodes as well as ongoing series.

With TV series from several different Asian countries all lumped together, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for if you are in search of a specific Korean drama.  However, this addon features a search bar you can employ to locate your series if you are aware of its name.


  • Has some 720p feeds
  • All the links I tested out worked
  • English subtitles


  • Search functionality
  • Can’t turn off English subtitles
  • Extremely “bare bones” menu
  • No movies, just TV shows
  • Korean dramas lumped in with dramas from other asian countries

How to install the Dramanice addon

  • First, download the Ares Project repository file to your desktop, after this install it by navigating tosystem → settings → App → install from zip file.
  • Wait for the installation complete message, then go to system → settings → App → installfrom repository → ares project → video App → dramanice

3 KissAsian: you need a patch to use it

Unfortunately, KissAsian faces the same fate as many popular and well-made App.  After a few years, KissAsian’s creator got tired of maintaining it and moved on to other projects.  Therefore, KissAsian no longer functions unless you download a patch.  Without the patch, none of the links work.

The popular Korean drama series Doctors is available on KissAsian

Notwithstanding the fact that its developer seemed to have completely lost interest, I still appreciate KissAsian’s rich selection of shows as well as movies.  I also like the fact that a search bar is present on the main menu.  However, there’s no way to filter content by nationality and most of the content has “baked in” English subtitles that can’t be switched off.


  • Detailed main menu
  • Huge selection
  • Has both Korean movies and TV shows
  • English subtitles


  • Doesn’t work without the unofficial patch
  • No way to filter out non-Korean shows and movies
  • English subtitles can’t be switched off

How to install KissAsian for Kodi

  • To install SuperRepo first download the SuperRepo zip file to your desktop.
  • Then, install SuperRepo on Kodi by navigating to  system → settings → App → install from zip file.
  • Wait for the installation complete message, then go to system → settings → App → installfrom repository → superrepo repositories [jarvis][v7] → superrepo category video [jarvis][v7] → install
  • Then, go to system → settings → App → install from repository → superrepo category video [jarvis][v7] → video App → kissasian → install
  • Download the unofficial patch and follow the instructions listed below.

4 Azdrama is easy to use, but lacks search

If Korean dramas are what you’re looking for, Azdrama is the way to go.  It’s the one of the only Asianlanguage App that features a category for Korean dramas.

Azdrama’s nationality filters are great. However, one key ingredient is missing from the menu: search.  Without search, you have to wade through page after page of content if you’re looking for a particular show.

Azdrama’s menu is even more basic than Dramanice’s.  On Dramanice, you can at least browse the most popular dramas to see what people are watching.  Azdrama, however, lacks a “popularshows” menu option.  However, I like that most of Azdrama’s links seem to work.  Also, Azdrama is easy to install.  All you need to do is install the zip file and then install from zip from the Kodi system menu.


  • Super easy to install
  • Filter by nationality
  • Most links are live


  • Just drama TV shows, no movies or other TV show genres
  • No search

How to install Azdrama for Kodi

  • Download the zip file to your desktop.
  • Then, install from within Kodi by navigating to system → settings → addons → install from zipfile.

5 Dramafever has an excellent genre menu

As follows from its name suggests, Dramafever appears to be a drama-centric addon with lots of content from various Asian as well as Spanish countries.

Dramafever’s main strength lies in its genre filters.  There are a large number of them, including some quite specific ones like “supernatural,” “love hate relationship” and also “rags to riches.”

Dramafever’s menu is huge, although it’s a bit disorganized.  However, there is a working search bar that can help you find what you’re looking for if you get lost.  Also, all the links that I tested worked.


  • Large selection of Korean dramas
  • A huge list of TV drama genres to choose from
  • Search capability
  • Reliable links to streams


  • The menu is not logically organized

How to install Dramafever for Kodi

  • To install SuperRepo first download the SuperRepo zip file to your desktop.
  • Then, install SuperRepo on Kodi by navigating to  system → settings → App → install from zip file.
  • Wait for the installation complete message, then go to system → settings → App → installfrom repository → superrepo repositories [jarvis][v7] → superrepo category video [jarvis][v7] → install
  • Next, go to system → settings → App → install from repository → superrepo category video [jarvis][v7] → video App → dramafever → install

6 The 1Best Cody addon for watching Korean dramas: DramaGo

DramaGo features it all: an active developer, a rich choice, search and reliable links in addition to a clean looking, logical menu system.

This is the only addon I’ve seen so far that features a “Korean drama HD” section.  The videofeeds, which you will find there look nice and also crisp in 720p.

I tried out several different shows and movies, and all the links I checked out  were live.  The search bar was also working when I tried it out.

Like Dramafever, DramaGo contains all kinds of interesting genre filters.  Here are just few examples:

  • My home’s honey jar
  • Time travel
  • Death game
  • Royal family
  • Corporate
  • Adoption
  • Maritime
  • Elderly


  • Best all-around addon for Korean movies and TV shows
  • Lots of genre categories
  • Reliable links
  • HD video section
  • Logical menu


  • No links to live Korean TV feeds

How to download DramaGo for Kodi

  • To install DramaGo, first download the SuperRepo zip file to your desktop.
  • Then, install SuperRepo on Kodi by navigating to  system → settings → App → install from zip file.
  • Wait for the installation complete message, then go to system → settings → App → installfrom repository → superrepo repositories [jarvis][v7] → superrepo category video [jarvis][v7] → install
  • Next, go to system → settings → App → install from repository → superrepo category video [jarvis][v7] → video App → dramago → install

7 Which Korean movie/TV App do you use?

Are you utilizing a Korean movie/TV plugin, which we didn’t cover here?  If so, drop us a line below and let us know the name of the plugin you use and the reason why you like it.