The 3 1Best Cody Builds for August 2017: CellarDoor, Titanium and Wookie

Hello everyone to our next AddonHQ build roundup! Beginning with October of 2017, every month we publish new build reviews for help fans of Kodi to know all information about the 1Best Cody builds as they improve and change. This month, we will be speaking a look at 3 great builds: CellarDoor, Titanium and Wookie. Read on for Kodi Titanium build 2017 screenshots, reviews and installation instructions.

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Here’s what the makers of our 4 favorite builds have been up to in recent weeks.


Kodi Titanium build 2017

Recently, in the end of July the producers of CellarDoor TV represented CellarDoor Infusion 1.6 which did additional interface tweaks, a link to Mobdro streams, and other goodies.  An immediate patch put out by the CellarDoor team following the demise of TVAddons.ag helped CellarDoor TV fans avoid error messages.


The last Titanium update (Titanium 2.1) update represented  at the end of June.  The patch added a ton of new sports content and changed few App that went down when TVAddons shut down following a lawsuit.


All flavors of the Best Wookie Build got minor bug-fix updates in July.  Like CellarDoor TV, Wookie’s hard working creators exhibited updates that helped Wookie fans avoid some problem with messages when TVAddons.ag got shut down.  Additionally, “New Look” Wookie receive a complete face-lift.  Scroll down for screenshots and more details.


If look back again and we can see the #1 spot on our August build list is CellarDoor TV.  No an other build that we have tried is quite as intuitive, fast and slick looking as this awesome build, which is the basic reason why it’s still our favorite.

However, a new contender that recently have come across in our eye came very close to speaking home the throne this time around: Titanium.  Titanium isn’t as fancy as Cellar Door, but it does propose some very curious features that could do it very popular if the crestor keeps improving them.

Finally, in 3rd place we have Wookie. Wookie builds are usually solid because the Wookie creators always maintain them with monthly upgrades and errors fixes.  We noticed a bunch of broken buttons and bugs last time we checked out Wookie, but all those issues seem to have been fixed.  Also, we noticed a new font, some upgraded wallpaper images and many new content as well.


CellarDoorTV’s interface will be reminding you of Netflix the first time you check it out.  The dissimilarity is, of course, that you have to pay to receive Netflix– but all the content that you can stream via CellarDoorTV is in general free.  It is difficult to believe that a group of programmers have done this build in their spare time, just for fun.

Watch the video below to receive a style of what CellarDoorTV looks like in real life:

CellarDoor usually uses slick transitions and animations that to do its interface more alive. For example, when you click on the some films or TV show the info screen comes bouncing into the frame.  If you detect the animations distracting or if they eat up too much CPU usage on your system, you can turn them off via the settings menu.


Like all the builds on this month’s list, CellarDoorTV comes equipped with a slew of video App. Here are just a several of the best ones: Coldkeys, UKTurksExodusSpecto, Release Hub, White Devil, Vortex, Elysium, Quantum, Stream Army, Skynet, Pyramid, Kratos, Streamhub, MetalliqBob, Fine and Dandy and Wolfpack.

Also the CellarDoorTV’s films and TV shows program pages are decked out with themed wallpapers and widgets that give you to sift through and select various titles with ease.


Best Wookie Build

The creators that have done the CellarDoor TV, together good know their stuff when it comes to App. Pro Sport maybe is the best sports addon of the bunch because you can use it to detect feeds of live games on Reddit.  Also, MoneySports is a great place to go for sports archives.


CellarDoorTV is accessible via the Ares Wizard installer.  Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to install Ares Wizard and receive CellarDoor TV.

  1. Download the Ares Project repository file

Go to repo.ares-project.com and download repository.aresproject.zip to your hard drive.

  1. Install the repository file

From inside of Kodi, click the App menu on the side of the screen.  Then, click the box icon.

The box icon is the leftmost icon.

Once you click the box icon, you’ll see a text menu.  Select the option that says install from zip file, then navigate to where you saved repository.aresproject.zip and click open.

  1. Install Ares Wizard

So, right now  you have the repository installed, click the box icon again.  This time, click install from repository → ares project → program App → ares wizard → install.

  1.  Install CellarDoorTV

Next just open up Ares Wizard, then go to the browse builds tab.  And click cellardoortv, then click the link to receive your PIN code. And finally, enter in your PIN, celect infusion – krypton and click install.


For the last weeks,social media has informed about a relatively new build named Titanium.  Themaker of Titanium goes by the moniker Supreme Builds.  Supreme Builds starting making Kodibuilds about 5 months ago.  In that short period of time, he has managed to quickly rise to prominence and become a major player in the scene.


The best things of Titaniums is that it gives you very quick access, and all the most famous and popular Kodi App that we cover here on AddonHQ.

Titanium also can give you to receive quick access to all of the next famous and popular video App in one click via the basic menu: BobGoodfellas 2.0, Maverick TV, Project M, Quantum, Stream Army, Pyramid, UKTurks, Urban Kings and Wolfpack.

Also Titanium has additionally: Specto, Elysium1Channel, 1080p Films and few lesser-known video App.  It even has doing variants of SALTS and Exodus— two popular App that went down when TVAddons.ag went offline few weeks ago.

Featured video App are easily available on Titanium via the menu entitled “A.I.O.”


Also Titanium has very  curious menus, that including function of Spanish language App and a menu for retro gaming App.   Here are all 14 of Titanium’s main menus:

  1. Main menu
  2. Movies
  3. TV shows
  4. 24/7
  5. Free live TV
  6. Paid live TV
  7. Live sports
  8. Sport replays
  9. Kids zone
  10. A.I.O.
  11. En Espanol
  12. Music
  13. Retro gaming
  14. Maintenance


Interface of Titanium interface and grey color of scheme is not as fancy like CellarDoorTV’s, but it’s clean and looks very cool. And also, the lack of special effects help it run quicker than most other builds.  If other builds cause your system to slow down,you perhaps will want to give the Titanium try


Titanium is the only English language build we have identified that features a page for Spanish language content.  Foreign language TV shows and films usually don’t receive the attention they deserve in English speaking countries, but you can find out about very good Spanish language content here if you want to broaden your horizons.  And if you don’t know Spanish, no problem– just install a good subtitle addon and enjoy.

Further reading


Titanium’s Sports Replays menu is great, because it features deep archives of games from every main professional sport.

On the page of Titanium Live Sports you can see also great, but very a pity that for some reason it doesn’t have Pro Sport.  Pro Sport is the very best live sports addon around because it gives you to grab high quality sports feeds from Reddit.  You can still download and install Pro Sport yourself if you receive Titanium, but it would be cool if it was already installed and featured on a widget.


First time whan we have come across with Titanium’s retro gaming menu, and we expected that we have receive able to access retro games with the press of a button. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. The Titanium’s retro gaming feature relies on an addon that’s been around forever– Rom Collection Browser.  To use it, you have to go through a lengthy and complicated setup process.  Why bother with that, when you can quickly load and play a clone of pretty much any retro game via Kongregate?


Titanium’s TV and films interface isn’t quite as slick as CellarDoor TV’s.  Although, it does at least gives you to read a little about whatever you are about to watch before you hit the play button.

For testing Titanium’s fims interface, we looked for the original Night of the Living Dead film.  Night of the Living Dead is in the public domain, which means that anyone can stream or download it for free.

Remember: All information that you got with via AddonHQ is made strictly for educational goals. We do not condone piracy, and are not responsible for how you decide to use the information provided.  We do not have any control over the links on any site that we provide a link to. If you see any form of infringements, please contact appropriate media file owners or host sites immediately.


Titanium has a lot of different very famous and popular video App, the best of which are available via the main menu.  there is also a unique section Spanish language, links to sports archives, a solid TV/films interface and a retro games menu page.  Titanium’s retro games addon is not worth setting up because it’s too complicated and the Live Sports page doesn’t have the Pro Sport addon.  But aside from those two weaknesses, In generally Titanium is very solid .


  1.  Download the Supreme Builds repository file.

The Supreme Builds repository file (repository.supremebuilds-1.0.0.zip) is located at repo.supremebuilds.com.

  1.  Install the Supreme Builds repository.

From inside of Kodi, click the App menu on the side of the screen.  Then, click the box icon.

The box icon is the leftmost icon.

Once you click the box icon, you’ll see a text menu.  Select the option that says install from zip file, then navigate to where you saved repository.supremebuilds-1.0.0.zip and click open.

  1.  Install the Supreme Builds wizard

Next click the box icon again, but this time choose install from repository.  Click supreme buildsrepository, then program add-ons, then supreme builds wizard and finally install.

  1.  Install Titanium

Once you have the Supreme Builds Wizard, all you have to do is open it up and then click builds, then titanium.


The latest round of Wookie updates helped resolve some problems that Wookie users were having following the demise of the TVAddons.ag website.


When TVAddons went down a several weeks ago, the most famous and popular TV & films addon went down along with it – Exodus.  Fortunately, the creative minds behind Kodi’s best builds managed to bring Exodus back to life.  The creators of Wookie have even awarded Exodus its own main menu page.


Recently team of Wookie have introduced Wookie Flix.  Wookie Flix is essentially a collection of theWookie creator’s favorite shows and films.  Some pretty off-the-wall titles can be detect here, so this addon is definitely worth a look if you’re bored and have no idea what to watch.


Last time we covered Wookie, we have marked a several buttons that linked out to Phoenix and other totally broken App.  For example, the kids section used to have a “Phoenix kids” button that didn’t work at all.

The old  variant of Wookie had few broken buttons in the interface, that include a non-functional “Phoenix Kids” button

The Wookies recently has deleted “Phoenix Kids” and added links to more kids content

This time around, we were happy to find out that all the links to non-functional App that irked us last time have been deleted and changed.


The Wookie Build is accessible via the Wookie Wizard installer.  Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to install Wookie Wizard and receive the Wookie Build.

  1. Download the Wookie Wizard

Go to wookiespmc.com and download wookie.zip to your hard drive.

  1. Install the Wookie Wizard

From inside of Kodi, click the App menu on the side of the screen.  Then, click the box icon.

The box icon is the leftmost icon.

Once you click the box icon, you will see a text menu.  Choose the variant that says install from zip file, then navigate to where you saved wookie.zip and click open.

  1.  Install Wookie

Open up Wookie Wizard, then go to the install wookie tab.  Then, celect new look wookie – krypton and click install.