1Best Cody App for TV Shows 2017 – Watch TV Shows on Kodi

You’re welcome to another AddonHQ tutorial about how to watch TV shows on Kodi.  If you really want to find out what the 1Best Cody addons for TV shows are, you’ve just landed in just the right place.

Maybe you’re bored at home.  Or, you’re stuck on the late shift at the office.  Perhaps you simply like to use your computer instead of your TV to watch your favorite shows.  Whatever your situation might be, one thing is for sure: the App mentioned below will help you find whatever show you want.  You may even discover some new shows that you didn’t know about before.

There are two main ways to watch TV shows on Kodi.  If you have a live TV addon, you can use it to tune in when your show is being broadcast.  The other way to watch is to use an addon which gathers up links just to shows that have already been broadcast.

The given guide will touch on a few best app for Kodi.  However, the major focus will be on App for watching full seasons of TV shows.  Follow along to find out where you need to go and what you need to do in order to download each addon on the list.

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1 Before we Proceed

We highly recommend employing a VPN when making use of Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various App. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It’s also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

2 Want to watch your show live?  Check out these 2 App

USTVNow Plus and BBC iPlayer are 2 of the most reliable live TV App around.  The users, maintaining USTVNow Plus as well as BBC iPlayer do everything “by the book.”  That’s why the links to feeds you’ll find on these App never change or break.

If you download and install USTVNow Plus and BBC iPlayer, you will gain instant access to a rich choice of British and American TV channels.

how to watch tv shows on kodi, best app for kodi

Click here to access our USTVNow Plus installation guide.

Unlike the vast majority of video App, USTVNow actually does not depend on foreign web servers for content.  USTVNow pays licensing fees for the right to provide the public with access to all 6 of the major networks.

USTVNow is free and easy-to-use, that’s why we think it’s one of the best App you can install if you’re just starting out on Kodi.

On the other hand, the obvious shortcoming of USTVNow is that you need to pay to upgrade your account if you want HD quality streams and get access to more channels.


Click here to access our BBC iPlayer installation guide.

The BBC iPlayer is the UK’s answer to USTVNow Plus.  Like USTVNow Plus, the BBC iPlayer is absolutely licensed and fully legitimate.

BBC iPlayer is extremely easy to use.  It enables you to access all of the BBC’s live TV streamingcontent and also their on-demand content. Also, all the feeds are of high quality.

The only downside to the BBC iPlayer is that it doesn’t work if it detects that you are not logging on from inside the UK.  If you get a VPN subscription, although, you can easily login to the web from a UK server and get a British IP address.

If you want to try out BBC iPlayer but you live outside the UK, we suggest you get IPVanish.  IPVanish has 42 London servers and they are all very fast.  The company also features 2 servers in Belfast, 2 in Glasgow, 2 in Liverpool, up to 3 in Manchester and also one in Nottingham.

Note: The BBC iPlayer addon used to be called “WWW iPlayer.”

2.1 Discover More Live TV App

The above video walks you through how to install USTVNow as well as BBC iPlayer, in addition to 4 more excellent live TV App.

Read more about live TV App: Best Live TV App for Kodi 2017 – Watch Live TV on Kodi

3 The 4 Best App for Binging Entire TV Seasons

Live TV App are perfect for watching the latest episode of your favorite show on the day that it’s broadcast.  But if you want to catch up and watch all the previously broadcast episodes, you’ll need an entirely different type of addon.

Currently, the 4 1Best Cody App for TV Shows are Exodus, Bob Unlimited, Phoenix and Specto.

  1.  EXODUS

Click here to access our Exodus installation guide.

For several years now, Exodus has reigned supreme as the most popular addon for watching movies and TV show seasons.  The key reason for its success and popularity is the fact that its creators are always sending out updates.

Exodus was recently taken over by the TVaddons programmer group.  Currently, multiple talented developers are working to improve Exodus, it should get much better as time goes on.

3.0.1 How does Exodus work, anyway?

Exodus is just a stream scraper.  It uses the IMDb database to pull up lists of various TVshows.  Once you find a show you want to watch and click it, Exodus reaches out to small and large streaming websites located around the globe.

After you click, it takes approximately a minute for Exodus to compile a list of links to an episode.  Each link has a different source.  Also, some of the streams it pulls are of higher quality than others.

3.0.2 Exodus has all the most popular shows

If you want to watch a recent show that is extremely popular, you’ll have no trouble finding what you want on Exodus.  However, if you try to watch an old show or an obscure show, you might run into a “no stream available” message.  The given message suggests that Exodus was not able to find a working link to that particular episode.

3.0.3 You can browse by genre

Exodus’s genre menu enables you to browse all kinds of TV show categories.  Its genre category list includes the following genres: action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, drama, family, fantasy, game show, history, horror, music, musical, mystery, news, reality TV, romance, science fiction, sport, talk show, thriller, war and western.

3.0.4 Or, you can browse by network

If you’re a fan of shows produced by a specific network, you can use Exodus’s network menu tobrowse for TV shows.  For instance, if you’re in the mood to watch a nature TV show you can simply open up the Discovery Channel folder and see what it has to offer.

Networks you’ll find when browsing include: A&E, ABC, AT-X, Adult Swim, Amazon, AMC, Animal Planet, Audience, BBC America, BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, BET, Bravo, CBC, CTV, CW, CW Seed, CBS, Cartoon Network, Channel 4, Channel 5, Cinemax, Comedy Central, Crackle, Discovery Channel, Discovery ID, Disney Channel, Disney XD, E! Entertainment, E4, FX, Freeform, HBO, HGTV, Hallmark, Fox, History Channel, ITV, Lifetime, MTV, NBC, National Geographic, Netflix, Nickelodeon, PBS, Showtime, Sky1, Starz, Sundance, Syfy, TBS, TLC, TNT, TV Land, Travel Channel, TruTV, USA, VH1 and WGN.

3.0.5 You can also browse TV shows by actor

Exodus’s “people search” function allows you to look up your favorite actors to see which TV shows and talk shows they’ve appeared in.  For instance, if you click “People search” and input “Charlie Sheen” into the search bar, you’ll be able to find out which shows he’s been in other than Two and a Half Men.

3.0.6 How to find brand new TV shows on Exodus

Exodus’s “new TV shows” category contains a list of shows in their first season.  If you’re going to discover new shows that you might not have heard about before, it’s a great place to start.

3.0.7 Pull up a list of “G” rated shows

If you’re searching for something wholesome to watch with your kids, you can filter shows by rating via the “certificates” menu.  Available ratings include TV-G, TV-PG, TV-14 and TV-MA.

3.0.8 How to switch on subtitles in Exodus

In previous versions of Exodus, you had to download and install a separate subtitle addon to get subtitles to work.  But currently Exodus has built-in subtitle functionality.

To turn on subtitles, open up Exodus then click tools.  Next, click settings: subtitles.  By default, Exodus looks for English subtitles.  You are free to switch to a different subtitle language via the primary language menu.


After Exodus, an addon called Bob Unrestricted is the second best Kodi addon for watching full TV show seasons.

Bob has several worthy features that you Exodus lacks.  However, its menus are not quite as straightforward as Exodus’s.

3.0.9 Bob Unrestricted Installation guide

  1. Go to and download
  2. Open Kodi and click addons, then click the box icon and choose install from zip file.
  3. Click desktop then select
  4. Click install from repository, then noobs and nerds repo.
  5. Click video App then scroll down to bob unlimited.

3.0.10 Playing a TV show on Bob

When you click a title on Bob, you won’t see a list of streams.  Instead, you’ll see a simplified menu, which enables you to choose between HD and SD quality streams.  If there is only one type of stream available, you won’t get any prompt at all and the stream will just play.

3.0.11 You don’t need a Trakt account to create bookmarks

One of the coolest things about Bob is that it has a built-in bookmarking system.  In order to create bookmarks in Exodus, you need a Trakt or IMDb account.

If you find content on Bob that you want to save for later, you can alt-click it and select Add toMy Bob.”

3.0.12 Find curated TV show lists

Exodus’s menu actually relies on the IMDb database.  But with Bob, real people organize the TV show streams.  If you explore a bit you’ll find lists of crime shows, reality shows, sitcoms and series forlittle kids.  The section dubbed TNPB TV shows offers British shows, retro shows, shows that are based on comic books and the top 250 shows according to IMDb.

3.0.13 Browse kids’ shows

The section of Bob dubbed  “Bob’s Kids” offers  links to several different curated lists of kids’ shows.  Options here include Kids New Release, Blue’s Kids, Retro Toons, TNPB’s Kids, Valhalla’s Kids and Tiny Tikes.

3.0.14 Powerful search functionality

Bob’s search function is more powerful than Exodus’s.  Also, it enables you to easily pull up your search history.  Exodus does not save your search queries.


Click here to access our Phoenix installation guide.

Phoenix used to be cool. However, in recent months several of its contributors seemed to have moved on to other projects.  As a result, many of its menus are deeply in need of housekeeping.

Despite its mediocre appearance, Phoenix still has good content.  If you have the patience to tolerate dead links here and there and weird menus, it’s still worth a look.

Some of Phoenix’s menus are are quite good, but others are full of dead links and menus that loop back on themselves.

If you are going to poke around, you can occasionally find some decent stuff.  For example, a listof live TV streams can be found by clicking phoenix TV and then entertainment.

The section of Phoenix entitled one242415 is perhaps the most well-maintained part of this addon.  It has some quirky handpicked TV content lists that are worth checking out, like Live News TV, Canada TV series, Black Urban TV, etc.

  1.  SPECTO

Specto is quite similar to Exodus.  Both App rely on IMDb for information.  Also, both App have many of the same menus.

If you like Exodus, Specto is a good backup.  If you can’t find the TV show you want onExodus, give Specto a try.

In terms of features, the only difference between Exodus and Specto is the favorites system.  Like Bob, Specto has a built-in favorites system.  On Specto you can setup your favorites frominside the addon by simply saving your favorite content to the “My Specto” directory.

Another difference between the two is the fact that the makers of Exodus normally push out updates more frequently than the developers behind Specto.

3.0.15 How to install Specto

  1. Go to and[VERSION].zip.
  2. Open Kodi and click addons, then click the box icon and choose install from zip file.
  3. Click desktop then select[VERSION].zip.
  4. Click install from repository.
  5. Click repository – mrknow, then video App, then specto.