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Best German Kodi Addons – How to Watch German TV Shows and Movies on Kodi

Although Kodi is popular around the entire world, the German Kodi community remains vibrant. Kodi reflects that, with a significant numbers of German Kodi add ons offering up a large amount of content, including movies and live television. Whether you’re an international fan of sports teams, shows, and pictures, or you are German and just trying to find a couple of very good add ons to access local content, Kodi includes a good amount of what you’re searching for.
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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend utilizing a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users are known to obtain copyright infringement notices for streaming pictures, sports, and television shows through various add ons. In the event that you would want to maintain your streaming customs private, then our recommendation is IPVanish – a comprehensive privacy solution for Kodi users. In addition, it is worth noting that purchasing a 1-2 month subscription will give you two months free.

Research Methods

German articles is unbelievably simple to get on Kodi. To find the very best addons, we focused on some key Techniques

  • On-line searches
  • Searches through popular Television and movie addons
  • Searches through superb repositories for much more obscure addons
  • Searches through community forum posts

We’ve been around the block to get awhile re searching Kodi add ons for a variety of purposes, so we’re able to pin point some add ons we know have great German articles. But we ensured we did our due diligence exploring even more options. We did find some brand new add ons that we had never been aware about before during our research, most that are represented within the guide below.
We’ve broken up the article to two segments: Popular Addons and Obscure Add Ons. The first section incorporates popular addons such as Exodus, while the Obscure add ons section has a lot of choices that aren’t commonly known or downloaded, but that we’ve verified provide great information and work very well. We’ve only comprise add ons in our list that we’ve analyzed for quality.

Popular German Kodi Addons


You may see our Exodus installment guide here.
One of German Kodi Addons, Exodus is undoubtedly among the very best around. Exodus is already immensely famous for its large library of English content. However, it is possible to access nearly every movie listed in the addon by choosing the “Languages” option. Regrettably, there are now no German-language tvshows available through Exodus. Having said that, you will find 41 highquality movies 2016 available through Exodus, all in German.
Better yet, Exodus offers up most of them in 1080p along with other HD options. We tested out a few pictures, merely to ensure quality and also to verify that they were, really, offered up in German. We recommend this method for anyone searching for a few good American films dubbed into German. If you’re wondering : This is also what separates Exodus from the Specto Fork along with SALTS. Of the three, Exodus could be the only real the one that offers any content in different languages.


You can find our SportsDevil installation guide.
Discount the title. This hot add on offers up increasingly good sports material, but also scratches live TV out of a high numbers of sites. One of these could be your website If you locate an addon that scratches from, you’ve basically hit on a gold mine. offers up live TV articles from a high number of international channels, for example German kinds. This makes SportsDevil a remarkably amazing place to find content that is German. provides live-streams to 26 different Italian stations, a lot more than the majority of other addons we reviewed. You can find the stations under “Live TV” after which “”

cCloud TV

You can find our cCloud television setup guide here.
CCloud TV is generally a well-respected resource for live TV. That is slightly true for its content that is German. Even though cCloud TV specializes in US television programs, it is possible to discover international TV networks in the event that you scroll down to the bottom of the add on’s menu to the “International” section. Unfortunately, cCloud TV is poorly organized this specific end. There are a few 900 international television stations right here, however they are far from organized. Indeed, you’ll get a couple German stations right on very best, but you’ll need to do a unfortunate level of scrolling to see if you can find any others. The easy way around it is to scroll back until the top of the add on’s house screen and locate the “Search” option. From there, key in “German” and you’ll discover the entire listening of German stations (where you can find 7). It’s really a minuscule offering, but it’s certainly a start and an option for anyone looking for German content.


You may see our Castaway installation guide.
Yes, Castaway’s most important purpose is basically a foregone conclusion. The add on is, for all intents and purposes, dead. However, like SportsDevil, cast away still keeps a live television section which comes with a massive collection of sites that are functional it’s scratching from. This includes the very operational we mentioned under SportsDevil. We have no a great deal to say about it beyond what we said for SportsDevil, together with one caveat. Considering the fact that Castaway is dead and effectively unsupported, in case it can stop working at some time, you’re not going to need to depend upon it. Given SportsDevil continues to be supported, your best choice is simply to stick with SportsDevil as you’re going to find the exact same content.

Obscure German Kodi Addons

You can readily install utilizing the Fusion Installer. Otherwise, follow these measures:

  • Click on Addons

  • Click on “Install in repository”
  • Locate and click on Sandmann79’s Repository

  • Click Video Addons

  • Click on and install

This is a somewhat straightforward addon. The Add on from Sandmann79 provides you access to the German Amazon. The rub here is that you’ll need an Amazon Prime accounts to gain access to all of Amazon’s streamed content that is German. For those who have an Amazon account, that really is definitely an outstanding option, particularly when you should be using Kodi to a telephone. Amazon lacks a Android app because of its streaming support, so this is an excellent solution for those who have an Amazon Prime account but are tired of not having kisscartoon on chrome the ability to see it on-board in an Android unit.

You can easily install employing the Fusion Installer. Otherwise, follow these measures:

  • Click on Add-ons

  • Click “Install in repository”
  • Locate and Click Add Ons

  • Click on Video Add Ons
  • Click install and on is perhaps among the greatest German Kodi addons you’re likely to find. It’s miles from a few of many well-known or popular alternatives, therefore it is unlikely you’ve ever heard of it. You can find it buried deep within Addons repository. The add on plays content by the German N24 channel. There’s nothing especially popular or popular here, however for individuals thinking about documentaries, this is going to function as goto addon for German content. There are more than 50 shows. There is a live TV section that unfortunately wasn’t working at precisely the time we tested this addon. Nevertheless, the shows load fast and in top quality.