25 Awesome Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2013

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 16 and before that day
approaches a lot of people are looking for inspirations on what to
give their dads. Depending on whether your dad is a sporty type or
a gadget freak; there will surely be something on this list for
him. Most people are not as sentimental when it comes to their
fathers, compared to their mothers, but this is one day where you
can express your heartfelt gratitude to the person who provided
for all your basic needs and more. In order to help you on your
gift quest; here are 25 awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day 2013,
which are not the usual hideous tie, power tools on sale or
handmade cards.

25 The Gift of Family History

gift 1 25 Awesome Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2013

Though there are lots of family tree products in the market right
now, one of the most unique gift ideas you can give your dad on
Father’s Day involves DNA testing. For as low as $300, you can let
your dad explore his ancestry via DNA testing in order to find out
his racial profile and the origin of his ancestors. This will be
of great value not only for your dad but for the whole family as
you further research your family history.

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